The full name of the "Khmer Foundation" (Khmer Foundation) is the "Khmer Foundation for Justice, Peace and Development". True to its name, its main goal is to help create a generation of young people with the right standards of integrity and compassion, with respect for others, and for their own abilities and responsibilities.

The Foundation was created by former Cambodian Prime Minister, SON Sann (in power from 1967-1968) and his son Dr. SON Soubert, currently a High Privy Counselor to the King of Cambodia, His Royal Majesty, Norodom Sihamoni. At the time, they both felt that it was their duty as citizens to help the future Cambodian generations who were left vulnerable and fragile after decades of war. Being fortunate enough to survive the war and conflict, and with the strong purpose to help Cambodia’s vulnerable children, they set up an ambitious foundation.

Previous UNICEF Director, Mrs. Anne Bruzelius, witnessed the desperate situation of the orphans and street children following two decades of war and the disruption of their families. With her support, Khmer Foundation became registered as a non-profit and non-political organization in August 1993 and has since received much needed support from international and Cambodian donors.

The Khmer Foundation was the first to setup children’s homes for refugees returning back from the Thai border after the 1991 Paris Peace Accords. These Homes were initially financed out of the personal salaries of Mr. Son Sann and Mr. SON Soubert. It was of particular importance to Mr. SON Sann, who was the founder and the leader of the Refugee Camps Site 2.

Over the next 10 years, the two founding members gave the children’s homes in Kandal and Battambang land use rights, and a number of facilities for the children were financed by international donors.

Before then there were only French led private organizations, such as Krousar Thmei of Benoit Duchateau‐Arminjon, who started from the Khmer Refugee Camp of site 2 with Enfants du Mekong, and Friends/MithSamlanh of Sebastien MAROT, in the aftermath of the Khmer rouge regime.

During that time, the chief mandate of the Khmer Foundation was to respond to the grave situation of the Cambodian children, especially street and orphaned children as well as the children who are victims of child trafficking, orphans whose parents died caused by HIV/AIDS, and the abandoned children.

Today the Khmer Foundation is overseen by a mix of Cambodian and international professionals acting within a Board of Directors, and is managed by a Cambodian professional team who takes care of the development of two residential facilities for deprived Cambodian children.

Khmer Foundation is extending its support to deserving orphan children and extremely poor children finishing their secondary education to advance their higher education.

Children - orphaned, abused, impoverished - continue to be a huge concern in modern day Cambodia, a country subjected in recent history to mass genocide, decades of warfare and invasion, as well as the devastation of HIV/AIDS. Children are often the main and primary victims of violence and poverty. Only care and education of children can break the cycle of poverty.