Early volunteering supporters

Among those many volunteers that played such important role in making a difference in the lives of those children, we wish to express our deep gratitude to Marie-ColombeCharlat, whose dedication was much appreciated and who was always present at the most difficult moments. Young French volunteers, who came with Father Claude Charvet, and we wish to thank Mayeul, who after this visit knew how to create interest among his fellow students from ESCA to come and build the pathways, bearing their names, in order for the children to pass from a building to another without wading about in the flood water. Sophie and Claire Perrin-Houdon, who staid very close to the children. Camille and Vincent Fauvet, from the NGO “Enfants du Mekong”. Jean-Felix and Marie de la Ville-Bauge, who got just married came to stay with the children in 1997 for a year and brought in friends from Franklin, like Arthur Dethomas and other cooperating teachers in the Various faculties, to play football with them in the mud of the rainy season. In 1998, the young people from Agir have finished building the dormitories of the children. At the inauguration, the Reverend Fathers Pierre Ceyrac and Vincent Diercx, as well as many other French friends, joined this celebration. Two dormitories bear the name of Father Pierre Ceyrac and that of Claudius Petit (former French Minister), the other two bear the name of two Khmer Princesses who did care for education of the home’s girls: Princess Samdech Kanitha Rasmei Sobhana and Princess Samdech Mallika Yukanthor. In 1998, with a new APLC management, the number of the children amounted to about 102.