The Scholarship Project: The “KRABEY” Fund

What is it?

The “Buffalo Fund or Krabey Fund” is a revolving fund that was created to provide university scholarships to selected and promising students. “Krabey” is the Khmer word for the Water Buffalo. The name was chosen since the water buffalo is known to be a very hardworking and resilient animal, symbolically important in Khmer culture.

Through the Buffalo Fund or Krabey Fund, the Khmer Foundation extends its support to well performing children after their secondary education to advance their studies university education either local or abroad. As of 2017, there are twenty three students who are being supported in universities in. However, due to Khmer Foundation’s low annual budget, this activity was very financially challenging to sustain.

Upon graduation, as soon as they are employed and can generate a decent income, the students will be asked to contribute into this Buffalo Fund Project, a 5% of their salary,. The reimbursement rate is very low, since on average, the income per month they can generate is around $180-$200

In the beginning, we received seed funding for the Buffalo Fund Project from a Senior Alumni Club, Mr. Woulter , from a University in Netherlands in 2012, in amount of Euro 20,000.

As of 2017, all graduates had a 100% success rate in finding a job.

Why do we need your help/ and how you can help?

Khmer Foundation aims at establishing much needed continuity for Cambodian underprivileged children, after their secondary school, to pursue their higher studies and to have an equal opportunity to access to university education like the privileged ones; when they have the capacity, to graduate with a bachelor or a master degree. We strongly believe that the higher education program, our priority, will contribute directly and indirectly reducing illiterate and will be able to break the poverty cycle in Cambodia. As a result, all graduates had their lives radically changed after graduation.

You can help by directly contributing financially to the Buffalo Fund Project, approximately $1,000 per year per student or you can help us by donating what you are capable and willing to; or you can help us to connect to organizations and/or individuals that would be willing to sponsor.

At all times, you can monitor the scholarship grants, track progress and performance of the successful students, and even provide mentoring. If you wish, you may mentor the students on key studies topic, ranging from economics, mathematics, foreign language, management, etc. You may also advise the students on the choices of universities and subjects.

What are the expected results?

The goals are to allow two new students per year to access to university, while continuing to ensure that the students that are already enrolled are supported during the four years of their university.

Without a doubt, this scholarship will play a key role in achieving our children's educational dreams. Because of all the donors' generosity, the financial burden placed on Khmer Foundation to support the well beings of the children will be extremely reduced.

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