Transparency and accountability

The KF is fully accountable to all donors, sponsors, program beneficiaries, and to its staff. Hence, we give importance to the implementation of a full transparency policy to all donors and sponsors of the KF. Any of them can request and access any financial information and reports at any time they wish, with no restrictions. They can ask for clarifications and it will be the duty of the management team to respond timely and precisely to all requests made. The KF applies a zero tolerance policy for fraud, falsification of documents, or misuse of any of KF funds or assets.


Inclusiveness and non-discrimination: to receive the underprivileged children, boys and girls from the street, orphans and the children victims of trafficking, in order to give them a family framework and life.

Contrarily to other child care organizations that exclusively focus on the “hardware” giving mainly the knowledge, the formal education and building the children’s skills, we give a strong consideration to the “software”, all the moral aspects vulnerable kids need to grow balanced and strong. Many were completely marginalized, created and left aside in a wounded Khmer society that did not have the capacity to respond.

Many international or national organizations focused on the provision of vocational training curriculum, with basic intellectual formation, and then placed the children back into life's harsh reality, and competitive working environment, often without having provided psychological and moral preparation, and without any regular follow up.

KF tried to nurture the spirit of a big family, and planting in them the seed to grow the same ideals and goals for improving Cambodia’s corrupted and disoriented society. Because many of the children have lost their moral and spiritual senses, the KF aims at providing them the so called parenting affection that they miss and by respecting their freedom and their personality.

As an example many of the KF staff members try to remain available and supportive to the children; but we need a lot of patience to redress the wrongs done to them in the past and to lead them to the right direction.

OUR VALUES through the eyes of the KF Director

1- Honesty: The KF has been very successful embedding this value with all the children since the beginning. Even though, being honest in everything that children do can be a very difficult thing, but they were witnessed to have found that as they follow this basic principle their lives have become better in term of financial independence and the ways they care about their children were totally different from the way they were cared for. All the credit should be to the Founder because throughout our childhood, the Founder and his professor would always remind us about the importance of being honest. For example, growing up in the Home as a child, we were surrounded by honesty and integrity that were taught by the Founder, making the Homes to become the great places where many of us truly cared for each other’s well-being and feelings. As a result, honesty has been playing a key role in our success in life. For instance, at least 50 students have graduated and many of them are considered to be top staff in several national and international companies.

2- Morality: All the children learn about Morality after school. We believe in this value because Cambodian children require education and guidance in order to learn what is acceptable when dealing with other people in the same culture and beliefs and with the people who have different culture and beliefs. That is why the KF is trying very hard to send the deserved students to universities in Cambodia and abroad. Because we believe that a society in which young people were not taught this value, to consider the needs and rights of others, would be a society with little social cohesiveness and much conflict. By teaching our children this value, we believe that the children will develop the proper behaviors and attitudes toward others in society, based on laws, rules and cultural and social norms, because the morality makes children to become self-disciplined, hardworking, honest, good, kind and responsible citizen of the society.

KF has been trying very hard, at any cost and every means to give equal opportunity to all the children to be able to access higher education and to encourage all children to study hard in order to cultivate all the knowledge as much as they can. We believe that knowledge is only their passport to the world because it makes them aware of what is happening around them and it also enables them to become an educated person with character. In today’s context, even if the person posses the hard skills, they still need to have knowledge of soft skills in order for them to be successful in life. Education can only give them a good job and assure them a secured future but the world needs knowledge to discover new things to help the poor and the less fortunate.

We do not always succeed in teaching the children to be responsible of their own action and dare to admit the mistake. Many times we get tired of bargaining with them just to get a little cooperation and even some peace. Therefore, we think that it is never enough just to teach our children manners or respect, as the basic cause of problems is not that the child is rude or the child is naughty. That is the reason we divide the children into small committees: Education, Reconciliation, Hospitality, and Security. So that they can experience in management, leadership and sanction in the real situations. It is our hope that the children will acquire these important experiences to make themselves a useful citizen of the country. When they are a responsible person and if they are able to display responsible social behavior, they are on their way to achieving more in their lives. If the children are aware of their responsibilities, not only to themselves but to the people around them, and the environment they live in, they would not do things that would harm people or the society. Visibly seen, many of the KF former children who have completed their degrees and who are working now, are successful in achieving financial independence and family harmony.”