The Children non-educative projects are:

1/ Solar System project for Home 1 and 2

Green energy has been implemented since early 2000 and the homes have solar home systems to replace the generator. Since the solar home systems have been installed, it has saved KF least $2,000 per month. The project was supported by Nestlé, and implemented by Mr. Arjen Luxwolda, in partnership with Utrecht University. The solar home system supports the whole Home, providing mainly electricity for lighting and clean water pumping.

2/ Multi-purpose building at Home 2

The Same Same but Different Foundation and Kindness in Action, both Canadian NGOs, initiated by Stone Hocker family and friends, have worked together to construct a multi-purpose building at Home 2 in Battambang. The two-story structure includes classrooms on the main floor and lodging on the upper floor. The project aims to provide affordable accommodation for visiting volunteer groups and individuals, and for medical teams and international professional dentists volunteers to help the orphans and the local communities. The building can also provide space for educational programs to be delivered.

3/ Water Reservoir project

The digging up of two water reservoirs (big pond) were approved by the Japanese Embassy, and helped us to have enough water for the rice-cultivation, as a complement to the water pump. This enabled KF to double the agriculture production twice a year in the cultivation and production of rice.

At Sré Ampil, with the water reservoir funded by World Conference of Religion and Peace (WCRP/Japan), we could proceed to the cultivation of rice, cucumbers and other vegetables. A possibility to increase productivity and sell the products to neighboring markets should be considered, when capacities would allow.

In Battambang province, another water irrigation system was built, funded by WCRP/Japan as well. It enabled KF to proceed to the cultivation of rice transplantation on the 28 hectares of land that produces about 40 tons of rice every year. This rice is then used as a base for the children’s nutrition needs.

4/ Bio Gasifier project

At Sré Ampil, the problem is the scarcity of the firewood for the kitchen for the preparation of the children’s food. As firewood became increasingly expensive, rare, and had a negative impact on the environment, we installed a bio gas system. The special installation captures gas emanation from animal manures and conduce the produced gas to the kitchen. The financing was funded partially with the KF budget, and partially with the help of an individual donor from Netherlands.