The Khmer Foundation is very proud of Mr. CHUM Veuk, who became Executive Director of the Khmer Foundation in 2012. Mr. Veuk was one of the first children to come under the care of the Khmer Foundation. Only at 11 years old could he start in grade 1 with much younger children as classmates. In fact, when he joined, the Khmer Foundation did not yet have any building of its own. When he was 18 years old, his dream was to be able to attend school for the second time. The Founders of the Khmer Foundation initially hosted him in their own house in Phnom Penh, until the first building could be completed, and they provided him the support he needed to enable him to attend the local school at grade 10. With hard work, and the support of the Khmer Foundation Founders, Veuk was able to move rapidly through grade 10 and succeeded in passing the Grade 12 exams.

At the age of 23, he qualified for the university. He was not the first child from the Khmer Foundation to attend the university, but he was the first one able to qualify for a university outside of Cambodia, in Bangkok, Thailand, a real challenge at the time. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management. One of his dreams is to create a hotel to cater to growing tourism industry needs and to offer jobs to some of the Khmer Foundation future graduates.

Next he worked for several years in Thailand, as an interpreter at the International Law Enforcement Academy-ILEA-Bangkok, which was funded by the US Department of State. This was a very good job, enabling him to earn a good income, but Veuk felt the need to come back to Cambodia and assist the Foundation in its struggle to give sustainability to the two Homes’ activities and to help other orphans and vulnerable children get a better start in life.

He gained management experience while working part time and over weekends for the 2 Homes. He then obtained a job with the Constitutional Court of Cambodia. Now he has started studying for another Master’s degree in Management during his evening time.

We are very proud of Mr. SENG Sokha, who is now the Administrative Officer and acting General Manager of the Khmer Foundation. Sokha was one of the children to come under the care of the Khmer Foundation. He was born in Battambang province. While he was in 12th grade his mother passed away and his family was not able to support him to continue his studies. He then asked Home 2 to help him finish school. Upon his graduation, the Khmer Foundation continued to help him to study at university. For the first two years, the Khmer foundation gave him full support financially, but during his third year his university closed down, and he had to struggle to finish his Bachelor’s degree by working as a construction worker to support his education and his living expenses. In 2011, he was able to graduate with a good degree in Information Technology from the Cambodian Mekong University in Cambodia. He was able to get a job working part time and on the weekends for the Homes, and has gained some management experience.

Mr. POUN Rithyleak has been working as the Finance Officer for Khmer Foundation since December 2010. Before coming to join us, he had many years of experience with the Vision Fund as the Quality Assurance Officer from 2005 to 2009 and HR and Administration Officer from Feb 2009 to 2010 in Kandal Province Branch. Therefore he is the most experienced staff member for our organization to help with the account system preparation.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance (BBA) in 2005 at Build Bright University (BBU), Phnom Penh and he successfully completed a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) at Norton University in 2010. He wanted to work with Khmer Foundation because he loves children and he wants to see the children of Cambodia live a meaningful life. More importantly, he wants to share his work experience at an NGO such as the Khmer Foundation. After working with Khmer Foundation for 2 and a half years, he is trying his best to meet his commitment, which is to help the Khmer Foundation improve the accounting system, financial policy, human resource policy, transparency, and on time reporting.


Advisors to the Khmer Foundation and to the management team are experienced and committed professionals who are volunteering their time and knowledge without receiving any stipend from the organization.


Mr. SOM Nath was born on May 16th, 1951, in Popeal Kher Village Dei Et Commune Kein Svay District Kandal province, he was a High School Teacher in 1980 at Chay Varaman 7, until 2002. He then became a deputy director, in charge of discipline and regulations. In 2011, a few months after his retirement from the school, he became the manager of Home 1. Since he started working with the Khmer Foundation, he contributed to improve many aspects of the Home 1.

Mr. CHHOUN Ouk was born in Prey Phdao Village, Prey Phdao commune, Samrong Tong District, Kompong Speu Province, and has been working as Home 2 manager with the Khmer Foundation since July, 1999. Before that, he worked in a provincial agriculture department and production and poultry treatment department (as an accountant). He resigned from his job because he felt his purpose was to help orphans and poor children in Home 2. Since he has been working for the Khmer Foundation, he has gathered orphans to stay in the Khmer Foundation Homes.