Supporting the KF Sustainability

What is it?

The KF is an organisation that functions like any other one: it has operational costs and programme costs. Every year, a budget needs to be resourced in order to finance the management team, the child takers team, and all programme costs associated to the transportation of the children, the food, the health related expenses, the education etc. The KF policy is to make sure that a maximum amount of the budget is dedicated to care and activities to support the children.

That is why the salary scale we applied to the KF management team is competitive with other local Cambodian NGO, but is not higher in term of salary.

That is why we do not pay ANY contributors to the KF with international level salary or stipends. That is why we aim at a sound management of national and international volunteers that can both professionally contribute while enriching there life and professional experience.

Even in 2013, children in Cambodia still remain the main and most vulnerable victims of poverty. Only sustainable care and proper education of children can break the cycle of poverty and offer them opportunities to grow and capacities to seize a brighter future.

Why do we need your help/how you can help?

From 1994 to 2011, the work done by previous board and management teams was incredible. Without proper communication, human resources and management tools, with a salary scale that put the organisation closer to a volunteer organisation rather than a professional ngo, the determination and tremendous efforts of many of the international volunteers that came and supported the KF activity management for more than 6 month to 2 years, voluntarily and without perceiving any remunerations, enabled the KF to move through very difficult financial time, where external assistance and external funding level fluctuated up and down like in a stock market. Due to the absence of strong planning, the KF was managed almost on a year to year basis, not sure about what the future would be, but always protecting the children from knowing this uncertain situation.

Time has changed. In 2013, the board of director and the management team have changed, embarking the journey with new energy, and new strengths. We all share the same commitment than our predecessors: fulfilling the vision and the missions of the KF. However, our goal is to bring the KF toward a very professional, a very efficient, and a very sustainable organisation, where we do not have to worry every year if we will have or not the capacity next year to finance education and food for the children. We would like in the medium term to cater to the needs of more vulnerable children, and give them the chance others have received.

Since 2003, the time the World Food Program, one of the KF major sponsors, changed its strategic direction and stopped supporting the Cambodian orphans nation-wide, the KF has been working towards economic independence. However, this goal is a long term one that cannot be achieved if the KF relies only on individual donors. The KF has to outreach to corporate sponsorships from development organisations or from the private sector.

Today the KF is receiving funds mainly from private donations from Europe, USA, Canada and Asia, to develop and to support children capacity development focused programs. However, because of the absence of clear strategy in the past, and the limited communication, they are many activities that remains unfunded and that has a lot of potential to contribute to the children growth and to the KF sustainability.

The financial contribution received would help financing 4 major activities, as well as renewing obsolete materials, and supporting an important annual event conducted every years. Any amounts, even small, would be a very useful contribution.

The 4 major KF activities are:

  • Food and nutrition related needs for the children (ensuring them with 3 meals a day, and variety/diversity of quality food)
  • Education related expenses (bicycles, school materials, uniforms)
  • Health and hygiene (medicines, clothes, soaps, etc.)
  • Children environment running costs (doctors, caretakers, tutors, etc.)

There are as well some pressing to replace obsolete assets of the KF that are costing a lot in term of repairs and fuel. As an example, the KF Van vehicle from Home 1 and the KF Truck from Home 2 that are used to cater all logistics needs are now very old and break-down often (surely many of you would have been the witness of it when in Cambodia…). The Van has been kindly donated in 2008, 5 years ago, and is being used about 40000 km per year and the truck was donated in 1998. The KF would welcome any donations of vehicles in good conditions, or help to replace the vehicles with new or second hand one in good conditions, so that we can ensure safe and sound transportation of children from one Home to the other.

Supporting the annual Charity Fun Fair Project

The Charity Fun Fair is organized every year by the Peaceful Children Home 1, usually on the second week of December, to raise funds during two days. Besides a fund raising event, this is as well a good communication event to outreach to current and new supporters. During the fun fair, the children will be selling foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, accompanied by the cultural shows and traditional performance, sale of handicrafts and many other personal hygiene items, different games for the enjoyment of the children, soccer completion of usually 12 inter-school teams, dancing and singing to celebrate the closing of the international year.

A budget of about $4,000 to organize the Fun Fair (food, beverage, renting local animations/shows, prices for championship, logistics renting for sound systems, tents, etc.?) It is also a Year-end and Christmas celebration for the children (Christmas was traditionally celebrated for many years) and it is the only time that the children of the two Homes meet each other to share and exchange their stories, educational experience, and to take stock of the progress they have individually made. There is a well a need to be more creative in the agenda and the format of the event, and we would welcome volunteers with new ideas, talents, and skills to design and to facilitate the event!

What are the expected results?

In these 10 years, 54 of the children have succeeded in qualifying for University, and have managed with the help of the Khmer Foundation and its friends to find support for University fees and living expenses. These children have been able to study at Universities in Cambodia, Thailand and Japan. Their degree courses have ranged from Hotel Management to English and from Law to Medicine. In parallel, a number of the students have gone on from school to Vocational training, qualifying in fields ranging from IT to all kinds of machinery technician, and from Wood sculptor to Blacksmith.