The Khmer Foundation has been very successful in producing results and is cost efficient in supporting poor and orphaned children under its care to meet all their basic needs, and to provide access to quality education.

Since the founding of the organization in 1994, more than 1,000 children have been raised some from as young as 5 years old and mostly until 18 years old. Over the last 10 years, both Homes have welcomed and taken care of 403 children. 53 of these children have graduated from universities in Cambodia and Thailand. Ten children are currently attending the universities. We are proud of these results.

The Khmer Foundation has operated with a budget that is very small compared to similar organizations having similar objectives in Cambodia and with a similar number of supported children. Up until 2012, the average yearly budget was around $100,000 to cater to the yearly needs of 100-120 children. By comparison, other organizations’ budget and operational costs can easily be 2 to 5 times higher.

Most importantly, as of 2013, and since 19 years, a major part of the Khmer Foundation’s budget (more than 80% of it) has been supporting the children’s development activities and related costs.

The KF Achieved Those Very Good Financial Ratios By:

1. Focusing on building the local management capacities of promising and capable young Cambodians. 2. Strongly promoting the principle and the values of volunteerism. 3. Closely controlling and monitoring human resources, administrative, and logistical costs (Cambodian staff salaries, administrative expenses, vehicles, communications, trips, etc.).

As a result, the Khmer Foundation is 100% managed by a very capable team of Cambodians. All international or Cambodian Khmer Foundation contributors, members of the Board of Directors, of the Leadership Council, or any Khmer Foundation volunteers, do not receive any salary or stipend, regardless of their high profile, their capacities, or their contributions. We do not follow the policy of some organizations which sometimes remunerate or cover the expenses (trips, expensive restaurants) of such contributors. Since its creation, the Khmer Foundation has only used second hand vehicles and all operational expenses were carefully thought out.

The Khmer Foundation’s strategy will constantly focus on allocating the maximum amount of received funds to the benefit of the children. In the future, we want to pursue this goal to be even more effective as an organization. Hence, the Khmer Foundation will focus on building the capacity of its core management team and staff, so that we can retain competent and good performing staff who contribute to the efficiency and success of the Khmer Foundation’s operations.

Building a capable, educated, competent and skilled human resources team is not only important for the Khmer Foundation, but for Cambodia as a whole. Building the nation’s workforce and preparing children so that they can contribute to the country’s social and economic growth, while getting more and more prepared to face an increasing and fierce competition, is a very high priority for the Khmer Foundation.