Projects at implementation stage:

1/ Rice production:

At O’Dambang II, besides the banana trees, lemon and lemon grass plantations, we emphasize on the rice plantation on a land of 60 hectares at Kamping Pouy. About 40% (about 28 hectares) of the land is being utilized for the benefit of the KF. The rest is bushes and many unwanted trees.

The average yield per year is about 40 tons and the need per year for Home II is 25 tons. The remaining rice will be sold to get cash to reinvest for the following year. This would only be enough for Home II. The need for the 2 Homes is about 50 tons of paddy rice per year.

2/ Fish Breeding

The fish breeding project started in November 2012, and is being implemented at Home 2. This project is funded by a Singaporean individual donor, Ms. Bee NGOH and her friends. All the revenue will partially be used to support extra nutrition for the children and the remaining will be used for reinvestment. The second fish breeding project will start its implementation at Home 1 as soon as we identify the person in charge. We are planning to send two Kkhmer Foundation employees to attend a three-day workshop in PPH on how to breed and raise fish successfully.

3/ Chicken farm

The chicken raising and training facility was built in 2011, initially funded by the German Embassy, in order to train the orphans and underprivileged children who could not catch up at school and low income villagers about how to manage a sustainable income generating project, to achieve more self-reliance. The status today is of 3500 chickens, from 1000 chicken in 2011. Hence this is a very successful project so far.