The educative projects are:

  • 1. Children Care Center” Children Home 1”, located in Sré Ampil Village, Kandal province.
  • 2. Children Care Centre “Children Home 2”, located in O’Dambang Commune, Battambang province.
  • 3. A scholarship program for Cambodian students to study in Cambodia or abroad (in Thailand ).

We offer free access to primary education at the Pagoda school at Sre Ampil Commune, Kandal province and Teacher training school in Battambang province, and secondary education at the public schools . Due to the absence of parental authority and love in Cambodia’s orphaned and vulnerable children, the quality of primary education is of particular importance because they generally have lacked proper education, exposed to violent behavior, and generally have a lack of discipline.

Those who passed their grade 9 exams, marking the end of the lower secondary education level, can continue their studies until the Baccalaureate. If they wish not to continue in the formal education system, they have as an alternative, to attend the vocational training schools. Those who successfully obtained the Baccalaureate are encouraged for higher education, either in Cambodia or abroad. Those who have better grade 12 examination results will be sent to Thailand for higher education. It will depend also on the availability of the scholarships being granted. If there are more scholarships than needed, then the grade D or E students are also entitled to go to Thailand. The reason we send more students to Thailand is that Thailand has a better curriculum and there is no impunity for the cheating and low performance at that time . Secondly, it is the cultural exchange program for both countries, thanks to Dr. Krase Chaanavongse, a former Thai Foreign Minister, who shares his higher education Muang Phon Technical college and the Asian Scholars College with our students with the support of Prof. Keiichi and Mrs. Meg Minamikawa, as well as Prof Dean Kirti Bunchua at the Assumption University, who offered free tuition, or scholarships.

Besides the intellectual formation, The KF strongly believes in the importance of a provision of spiritual and moral education as well, cultural and athletic training to the children. Lessons for classical and traditional/cultural dances, songs, classical and traditional music etc. are dispensed to them at the weekends. Every evening, children will practice meditation before having dinner in order for them to have a peaceful mind. It is also the time to review all the activities during the day to see what should be improved or corrected. The KF want to place a strong focus on preserving the Khmer traditional culture, while providing strong moral and ethics within the non-formal children education.