Donors, Sponsors and Partners

Very close cooperation took place between Agir Pour Le Cambodge (APLC) and the Khmer Foundation, besides the subsidies for the daily food, the medical care, and the school’s needs. APLC had only a minimum administrative structure so that they could reserve the largest part of their budget to support children’s needs and send volunteers to take care of the

Our special gratitude goes to Ms. Flora Liebich, who has created a Canadian organization called In Concert for Cambodia in Canada, (formerly Kids Helping Kids). This organization has contributed more than $30,000 to the two Homes of the Khmer Foundation over the last nine years, in supporting of daily food, medical care and education as well as the replacement of the new solar panels at Home 1. The other two Canadian NGOs (Same Same but Different and Kindness in Action NGO) have worked together to construct a multi-purpose building at Home 2 in Battambang. In Concert for Cambodia

The Peaceful Children Home 1, Sré Ampil was so grateful for the thoughtful support of the Friends of the Peaceful Children Homes in Netherlands (FOPCH)

It was around 2003 when several donors phased out their assistances to the Khmer Foundation. Since then, he has been part of our children's lives till today.

Our special thanks go to Ms. Feikje and Mr. Arjen LUXWOLDA, from the Netherlands, and their friend in Italy, who came to visit us and saw our difficulties. They decided to created this FOPCH to help our orphanage financially.

From France, Mr. Eric de Langdsdorff helped Khmer Foundation. From the Netherlands, Mr. Arjen LUXWOLDA, who came to Sré Ampil Home 1 through the Volunteer for Peace Organization donated and installed the solar electrification system.

The PTD Golden Heart Hotel, will be realized by the end of 2015 in Phnom Penh as a project of foundation It's a social enterprise unfolding commercial activities in order to maximize improvements in human and ecological well-being. PTD Golden Heart Hotel will support sustainable travelling, personnel management and local projects. Peterhans Koperberg (former prison-governor and owner of foundation I PTD Golden Heart Hotel) and Marieke Vliegen (former Social Worker and hotel manager/yoga teacher) are aiming to give people in Cambodia a worthy and self-sufficient existence. The foundation does not have a profit aim, and depends on contributions by others. The goals are realized through three projects, led by Cambodians for Cambodians. The Khmer Foundation in Phnom Penh/Battambang will be one of the adopted projects.

Since 1997, in parallel, another organization, World Conference for Religious and Peace/ Japan (WCRP) provided immense support to the Home 1, from the reparation of the main building to the donations of agricultural equipment/machines and grants to dig up irrigation canals.

Again from Japan, the Takamatsu Olive Club, who gave us for two consecutive years (1995 and 1996), 100 and 150 second-hand bicycles to be shared between the two Homes in order for the children to go to schools, which were some 7 km and 5 km away from their Homes. The donations in kind from many foreign friends and benefactors are not forgotten and received all our deepest gratitude: we cannot quote all the names here but a list is published every year in our annual report.

The World Conference of Religions for Peace (WCRP)/Japan, headed by Reverend Michio Miyake, helped the Home with irrigation systems for the rice-fields at Kamping Puay Agricultural Project site, where 23 hectares of land were cultivated and 27 tons of paddy rice harvested. In 2004, it was the digging up of the irrigation system for the rice cultivation on the Kamping Puay lands in Battambang province. These works did continue in 2005. Special thanks also go to WCRP/Japan for funding a warehouse for the bicycles of the children and a transportation truck. The reparation of the big house roof was also the contribution of WCRP/Japan, refugee section led by Reverend Nhoyu Yamada.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany generously contributed to the completion of the construction of the first floor of the big building in 1998 and later completed the second dormitory in 2004 as well as supporting an income generating project called Chicken Raising Facility and Training Center at Home II in 2011. While it is generating extra income for the Home, it is also acting as the training facility for the poor villagers, who want to enter the chicken business to become a self-reliant family or be a subcontractor of the Home. The first dormitory for girls was a donation from Mr. SENG Mardi and his Khmer-American Association.

Other supporters from Korea, like the reverend Mother PARK Chung-Soo from Won Buddhism in Seoul, generously donated a dining hall for the children and the construction of the lower part of the big building. Reverend Mother PARK provided us yearly grants for daily food from 1997-2004. And since end of March 2003, the Reverend Mother, who had already offered the classroom of the Sré Ampil Home big building, as well as the dinning hall, whoseh extension was fuded by the donation of Alexandra Murat, donated also the annual supply of rice until July 2005.

Our special gratitude goes as well to Dr. MY Samedi, Former Secretary General of the Cambodian Red Cross, and his wife for their generous monthly contributions.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany had generously contributed to the completion of the construction of the first floor of the big building in 1998, and later the second dormitory completed in 2004. The first dormitory for girls was a donation from Mr. Seng Mardi and his Khmer-American Association.

Some Japanese friends, such as Mr. Nobukatsu Horimoto, President of the Nagano Rotary Club, and his nephew, Mr. Takashi Horimoto, President of the Asian Children Education Fund, with the participation of Reverend Yo Ishikawa, have allotted the Home 2, with various buildings, like the reparation of the dining hall roof and its extension and have given 3 plots of land next to the Home 2 for the cultivation of banana, lemon, and other fruit trees.

"Mrs. Em Theay is one of the living treasure of Cambodia. Today, she is one of the very few in the world that knows and can transmit the traditional knowledge and dancing techniques from the Khmer Royal Ballet. As former student of the ballet during the French Protectorate time and surviving the Khmer Rouge regime, she has remembered and perfected every moves. Through her gestures and her voice come centuries of knowledge and arts that she shares, patiently and with love, with the younger generations. She also knows important traditional songs that people today have sadly forgotten. I remember for example, during each water festival, when his Majesty the King Norodom Sihamoni leaves the royal palace and moves toward the river to welcome the boat racers, a very special song is sang to accompany him. Only her has the knowledge of that song. She is really one of a kind. She is full of courage and warmth, bearing with the distance and the dust every week-end, riding behind a small motorbike with her apprentice, to teach relentlessly and pass authentic knowledge from her ancestors to the new generations. I have tremendous respect and admiration for her, her commitment, and her work. We feel very blessed to receive her support."
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